Villages of the Darned
They weren't totally evil,
nor were they particularly virtuous
but their incompetence, deceit, snake oil, and intimidation
made them the "Villages of the Darned
Some Stories

Coming Sometime...
  • 1. What the County Sold
        to the Community
  • 2. Initial Success - 15 projects!
  • 3. The 1st Chair:
          "I am in Charge"
       - Useful projects flee
  • 4. The "Amphitheater" Bungle
  • 5. Selecting the Second Chair
  • 6. Bylaw Update Fiasco!
  • 7. Appointing the Cronies
  •    - Talk, Talk, Talk...
  • 8. Rigging the 2008 Election
  • 9. Hiding the Minutes

... and who knows what new shenanigans they'll come up with!

The County Commissioners don't seem to care:
No law suit?
No worry!...

These bullies won’t respond to reason,
but they do respond to ridicule.

The names are changed to protect the innocent!

<=Clackamas County"Complete Communities":
"Open Letter Public and Goverment Affairs:
Amy Kyle and Kate Wilson"

Reinvigorating the Mt. Hood Community Initiative
Clackamas County"Complete Communities":
Dissolution of Hamlet of Molalla Prairie and Villages at Mt. Hood

Clackamas County"Complete Communities":
Thinking In the Box

September 5, 2016

The Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners is having a policy session on September  6, 2016 about the dead carcass of the "Villages at Mt. Hood.  It has been on hiatus since February when the 3 folk still on it were "let go".
(I note: being bullies, they deny that the they were "let go", or ever did gender discrimination, or....

Perfect example of "Thinking in the Box"

Since we know that the bullies and their SLAPP friends will push their ego-centric view.

These behaviors and the limited response of the County employees makes this an outstanding class room exercise showing how
       thinking in the box
causes problems when the real need is to
      think outside the box - question assumptions, parameters, "easy" paths.

This essay is a "final exam" on "thinking outside the box".
Take it at your own risk

Examinination: Thinking outside the box

BCC Policy session materials and homework questions

1. Policy Session Worksheet
Presentation Title: Villages at Mt. Hood Board Election and Next Steps

1. Approve a modified process based on the Memorandum of Understanding to open
recruitment for additional candidates and schedule a candidates forum and an election
for October 2016.
2. Keep the Villages Board on hiatus until further notice.
3. Begin the dissolution process for the Villages at Mt. Hood Board.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS (current year and ongoing):
$2000 annual financial support to all Hamlets and Villages, for operational expenses. Plus additional financial and staff support to hold an election.

Worksheet Homework questions

  1. As a County organization, what is incorrect or misleading about the "financial implications"?
    Discuss long term staffing costs.
    Bonus Question: what are the requests/perspective of idle, do-nothing folk which respect to having dedicated county resources to boss around?
  2. Why does the "title" lead the witness?

2. Draft Memorandum of Understand 2016-0614 by junior staff
The parties to this mediation are:
George Wilson, Carol Burke, Pat Holbrook, Gary Linkous - Villages at Mt. Hood
Stephen Madkour, Gary Schmidt, Amy Kyle - Clackamas County
Amy Herman - Mediator

MOU Homework questions

  1. Why is the MOU only a non-binding draft since it was signed by the participants?
  2. Do the "participants" represent all parties?
  3. What are the limitations and problems with a "mediator"?
  4. The parties of the first part claim to represent "Villages at Mt. Hood"
    what is the problem with this false representation and the impact on resulting "mediation"?

Consultant's "Survey" Report
Presentation Title: Villages at Mt. Hood Community Engagement Findings and Recommended Next Steps

The County PGA hired a consultant
Between April and May 2016, EnviroIssues, as an independent consultant hired by Clackamas County, collected information about opinions, values and expectations of residents of the Villages at Mt. Hood(“the Villages”).

  1. Total of 455 anonymous online surveys
  2. 9 "stakeholder" interview.  "most served on BOD at some point"
  3. action plan to  reinstate the existing carcass

Tax "paid for" Survey Homework Questions

  1. What are the issues with "anonymous Internet surveys" that make them laughable?
  2. How would you go about scamming such an online survery?
  3. How many people, out of the 10,000, actually were contacted/involved?
  4. How did the propaganda in the published "newpaper" influence folk?
    (Note: thinking a draft MOU unapproved by management is "real", is hilarous)
  5. What tool/mechanism would have been much better to survey the Mt. Hood Corridor Community to give valid results?
  6. What are the issues/biases of the "9 Stakeholders"?
  7. How is this a classic in CYA to do one or more of
    1. justify an existing decision
    2. avoid any actual work/analysis
    3. have butt completely covered to upper management can't hold accountable
    4. push the decision "up" in the organization.
  8. With the limited tax funds (low cost bidder?), how would you structure such a survey to actually present useful information

3. County Template "Bylaws" of the previous Villages
Presentation Title: Bylaws of the Villages at Mt. Hood 2007-0810

Bylaws Questions

  1. How do they bylaws compare to the ones approved by the community in May 2006?
  2. The Date on the "Bylaws" posted for the Policy Session is August 10, 2007
    =>  but they do not match the version approved and posted August 14, 2007
    => rather an update July 25, 2011
    what is the implication of posting incorrect documents?
  3. Why is it convenient to have the "modified" bylaws as opposed to just the County changed ones?
  4. Why did the County Liaison handmaiden the change to remove the requirement for community involvement?
  5. What has been the impact of removing the "supported activities" and the requirement for community approval every 2 years?
  6. Dorman Center and Women's Club project to create new community center: discuss.
  7. Invasive weed removal, river clean up, and environmental activities: discuss

4. County Ordinance for Complete Communities: Ordinance No. 03-2015
Presentation Title: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2.10, Community Connections,
of the Clackamas County Code

WHEREAS, Chapter 2.10, Community Connections was adopted in 2005 and substantially
amended in 2007; and
WHEREAS, it has become apparent that procedural and substantive changes are necessary to moreaccurately address the operational needs and requirements of the hamlet and village program;

citizens may form local hamlets or villages for the purpose of considering and making advisory recommendations to the county concerning a broad range of issues affecting the livability and quality of life in their communities. Hamlets and villages are advisory to the Board of County Commissioners, and are not local governments.

Hamlets and villages are intended to be a form of participatory democracy to the extent that they promote the active involvement of citizens in county affairs

Ordinance Questions

  1. How does the County Ordinance match the needs and expectations of the Complete Communities Congresses?
  2. How can a Hamlet of Village be easily subject to bullying, gender discrimination, and other problems seen in organizations?
  3. What is the corrective action feedback that occurs if the Hamlet or Village goes awry?
  4. What are the political issues in the entire Complete Communities program that make it marginal?
  5. What external constraints are needed to keep Complete Communities for becoming fiefdoms?

5. Emails Posted for Policy Session
Presentation Title: emails

Note: I have put in a Public Records Request to get the email where Mr. Wilson attempts to bully
                 and got the response: "I received your (again) threatening letter"
the BCC, stay tuned.

Recording of BCC - February 9, 2016

at 49:00 in the recording, the BCC voted to dissolve the current board and look to staff as to where to go from here to be presented in a policy session

Mr. Wilson's antics
I suggest you read his top email in this file.  I would suspect there are serious mental health problems that should be address, likely a result of his bike crash a couple years ago.

  1. represents himself as somehow being on a Community BOD
" As chairman,"
"on behalf of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors and our constituents,"

"George C. Wilson- Chairman
Villages at Mt. Hood BOD"

you will respect me as a public servant,
  1. Uses classic bullying techniques
"I find your attempts to diminish my reputation as a community leader, and the reputation of my community to be anything but fruitful, sir!"
  1. Personification and generalization of personal view as representing anyone else:
”Our community has grown very tired of being ignored and disrespected by current members"
  1. While claiming to "represent the community" emails and presentations are kept hidden.

Email Questions

  1. What are the psychological issues that would cause the behaviors of Mr. Wilson as evidenced in the emails?
  2. Why did Mr. Wilson get County Staff to issue a bogus "SLAPP" in May 2013 and attempt to grab/bully to get private property?
    Discuss: how was this more than resolved in July 2009 Dan Chandler actions?
  3. Why did Mr. Wilson condone gender discrimination in the May 2015 election results?
  4. As a member of the BCC, what would your action be?
  5. As a member of PGA, how would you "rescue" the Complete Communities when it is been abducted by neer-do-wells like the Hamlet of Molalla Pairie and Villages at Mt. Hood?
  6. There are zero records of Mr. Wilson's 2006 "Amphitheater project": discuss.

They weren't totally evil,
nor were they particularly virtuous,
but their incompetence, deceit, snake oil, and intimidation
made them the
Villages of the Darned

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Changing Bylaws to better control!
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Link from our Tax Paid for Web Site???
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We Can’t Allow The Community to Tell Us To Go Away!



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